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TerraSafe – Professional Backup & DRP Solutions. Terrasafe offers online backup services to ensure secured, cost effective online data backup & storage solutions for organizations of all sizes. Terrasafe Backup Solutions provides inexpensive online backup services which are secure, automated and easy to use. We have professionally managed backup servers in highly secure data centers to ensure you 24/7 availability of your files whenever you need them. Hundreds of clients ranging from individuals to large businesses have chosen Terrasafe Solutions to protect their valuable computer data. Our backup experts will provide your business with a complete backup solution that fits your needs. Please contact us for more information. Call us at : +972-3-5744495

TerraSafe Enterprise Solutions

TerraSafe offer Enterprises dedicated backup servers with special hosting plan: 1. Dedicated Backup Servers. 2. RealTime Replication Servers.

TerraSafe SMB Solutions

SMB Online Automated Backup for your business. Backup your Microsoft Exchange Server. Backup your MS-SQL Servers with an easy backup and restore options.

TerraSafe SOHO Solutions

Online Automatic Backup solution for your business. Save time and money. Your backup is in another location, encrypted! Access your backup anytime, anywhere!

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