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About us

TerraSafe Ltd, established in 2005 by Ofer A. Lidsky, is a market leader in providing professional offsite backup solutions and DRP solutions. The company’s headquarters is located in Israel.In a short time TerraSafe became the leading service provider in Israel with distribution agreements with the largest IT companies.
The company operates dedicated offsite backup servers in Israel and Europe and provides turn-key solutions to large organizations.

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TerraSafe a leader in Backup and Information Security

Our Approach

TerraSafe offers a complete backup and DRP solution for enterprise organizations. Our dedicated backup servers solution offers a complete data backup and disaster recovery operations. Contact our technical sales team for the best solution that fits your organization.
TerraSafe offers a complete managed protection plan for your important business data. Our Managed Backup Solution will Backup your Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Servers, Virtual Servers and any other important information you need to protect.
Try our TerraSafe Cloud Backup and Sync Service or our TerraSafe Managed Backup Service to protect your important files and data. Get a complete protection plan for your business! Access your data from anywhere in the world!

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