TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud

TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud
Secured email solution for your business

TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud is a cloud based, completely secure email platform, offering a suite of products designed to securely protect all stored and transmitted data.

TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud targets corporate clients, offering end-to-end security for email and attachments distributed to employees and partners, suppliers and customers, wherever they are.

TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud – Key Features:


* Senders and receivers enjoy a simple easy-to-use interface.
* TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud integrates with Microsoft Outlook so that back-office users can continue to use Outlook when sending secure.
* Recipients view information on almost any device using a web browser and an internet connection; no installation required!

Send secured and encrypted emails and get a delivery and read receipts. Sign up for TerraSafe InfoBay Cloud today!

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