TerraSafe Managed Backup

TerraSafe Managed Backup for your Businsess

TerraSafe Managed Backup is the ultimate data protection serviceĀ for your business. The most advanced backup service that will protect your data from any kind of loss.

TerraSafe Managed Backup Main Features:

Backup for your Business

Our managed backup professional service is based on TerraSafe’s Hybrid Cloud.

24/7 Professional Technical Support

You need a professional technical team that will be available to you at your need. At TerraSafe that’s exactly what we do!

Daily Backup Check and Repair

Our professional technicians will check and repair your backup on a daily basis. Just relax and do your job, we will protect your files!

Strong Encryption

TerraSafe Managed Backup Service includes a built-in encryption mechanism that will keep your data safe. Your data will be encrypted using an AES 128bit or 256bit Twofish encryption algorithm.

Restore your files from anywhere!

Using our Managed Backup Service enables you to have access to your backup data from anywhere in the world. Need a file? In just a few seconds you will have it!

Backup Everything

TerraSafe Managed Backup service supports backup for most of the know operating systems and database engines. Backup any Virtual Server or Mail Server in your system. Consult our professional sales team for the right solution for your business.

    TerraSafe Managed Backup includes
     everything you need to protect your business!


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